Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Greetings

As we look back over the past year we have much to thank God for. He is blessing his work in Uganda. MAF Uganda has flown more hours this year than any previous year, the construction of the new hangar is progressing well and a second Cessna 206 joined our fleet, currently giving us six aircraft.
Within our family, we continue to praise God that the adoption of Amy and Joshua is complete. They are truly two of our biggest blessings.

Although we are many miles apart, what a joy it is to know that we can all share in celebrating the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. Mark & I are about to enter our ninth year of full time ministry and we are looking forward to what Christ has in store for us in 2011. Our desire this coming year is to know Him and become more like Him. In doing so may we be the light of Christ where we live.
We also pray for you, that the love and joy of Christ will fill you and surround you this Christmas Season.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Back to Routine Life

Well October was a whirlwind month.

Mark had a really good trip to MAF Madagascar. He travelled there with Larry Heintz (from MAF International office)to carry out a quality audit of the programme. Quality and safety audits happen regularly in every programme. Mark is the Qulaity Manager here in Uganda but on this occasion had the opportunity to see the way another MAF programme operates (and carry out a quality audit at the same time). He was also able to spend time with the Madagascan engineer, Michelle whom he had not seen since we were training in the USA. Being in Madagascar he could not miss the opportunity of a trip to the Lemur Park

I was grateful that Marks parents stayed and helped me with caring for Amy & Joshua while Mark was away. We visited a couple of parks, Amy & Joshua had their faces painted and enjoyed all the attention one gets when grandparents are around.
We managed to apply for and have since received their new Ugandan passports too! So on I plod with all the visa paperwork for our furlough and their British Citizenship Applications.

Life has been busy out at Kajjansi. Each time I visit there is a visible difference in the hangar building project. This last couple of weeks the walls and roof have gone up. Bids are being placed by contractors for the building of the offices inside the hangar, at this point in time.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Busy, Busy...

Well, since the sucessful court hearing we now have the actual court order in our hands and the childrens offical name change document! We will now apply for their Ugandan passports to be changed into their new names.
Marks parents are currently visiting and we all went for a holiday together to a game park and had a great time. This was despite Joshua, seeing the swimming pool from inside our room, and running straight for it and into the patio doors. Fortunatly, he bounced back off the glass a bit and the glass shattered it fell around him rather than him falling right through it. Apart from a gash on his knee and few small cuts on his face and legs he got away lightly! PTL!
Please remember Mark as he travels to Madagascar for a week to carry out a Quality Auditon on the MAF program there. Particulaly remember Sarah and Mark's parents as they entertain the kids for half term while Mark is gone.
At the new hangar site things are progressing well - the metal structure has been painted and work will begin this week installing the sheets to the sides of the building - it is really taking shape and it is very encouraging to see steady progress.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Adoption Day

Hooray !
The Court hearing went ahead and the judge immediately gave her ruling in our favour. We were expecting to have to wait a few days for the ruling, so what a blessing to walk away knowing we have been granted Amy & Joshua's adoption. She also was happy for us to have a picture taken with her - a memory to keep.
The children did really well, sitting quietly and fairly still for almost an hour in the court room. We all went out for a celebration ice cream afterward !!!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

In His Strength

It was at the beginning of this year that the verse “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor 12:9) came up several times, and so
it has become my verse for 2010.
Also you will know from our recent newsletter that I have taken on the role of managing the MAF Guest House. I know it is something God has called me to do and there are many aspects of the job I enjoy.
However, I am also finding there are certain aspects of the role where I feel inexperienced and out of my comfort zone. In particular I am challenged by the financial and IT aspects of the job. There have been times this past month where Satan has tried to discourage me with thoughts such as, ‘ you will never match up to the people you are replacing’, ‘you are really not skilled in that area are you’, ‘ is this really the role for you?’.
I have been reminded of a couple of things this weak.
Firstly, when Satan is trying really hard to discourage me, then I am probably doing exactly what God wants me to do right now.
Secondly, I have taken on roles for sometime that have been ‘comfortable’ for me, roles where I can use the God given gifts and skills that come naturally. In Gods timely way he has led our ladies Bible study to be focusing on the book of 2 Timothy right now. Timothy was timid and young. He did not always feel equipped for the task God had called him to do and yet Paul encouraged him with these words,
“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and self discipline.” (2 Tim 1:7)
God sometimes calls us out of our comfort zones into places that will stretch us because in these places we are forced to rely on His strength and power and not our own. In that way His name is glorified and we grow closer in our relationship with Him. I am in that place right now and just maybe he is calling you into something new too?