Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Busy, Busy...

Well, since the sucessful court hearing we now have the actual court order in our hands and the childrens offical name change document! We will now apply for their Ugandan passports to be changed into their new names.
Marks parents are currently visiting and we all went for a holiday together to a game park and had a great time. This was despite Joshua, seeing the swimming pool from inside our room, and running straight for it and into the patio doors. Fortunatly, he bounced back off the glass a bit and the glass shattered it fell around him rather than him falling right through it. Apart from a gash on his knee and few small cuts on his face and legs he got away lightly! PTL!
Please remember Mark as he travels to Madagascar for a week to carry out a Quality Auditon on the MAF program there. Particulaly remember Sarah and Mark's parents as they entertain the kids for half term while Mark is gone.
At the new hangar site things are progressing well - the metal structure has been painted and work will begin this week installing the sheets to the sides of the building - it is really taking shape and it is very encouraging to see steady progress.

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