Thursday, 26 May 2011

Home Again

We are back in Uganda and adjusting to the routines of life here again. There has not been much of a temperature adjustment to make though, as the spring weather in UK was glorious.

Our time in the Uk was busy but as I reflect on it I realise what a time of blessing and encouragement it was. There were many wonderful times with friends, encouraging comments from folk who remember us every day in prayer and fun days out doing things we cannot do in Uganda.

Some of my favourite memories are our day trip to London when we saw the 'Changing of the Guard' at Buckingham Palace and the musical show 'Lion King'- we all thought it was fabulous even if the Hyenas were a little scary. (It was certainly something fun to look forward to after having medicals at Interhealth!)
As Uganda is land locked I very much enjoy seeing the seaside and we had two lovely days out at Ilfracombe, Devon and Folkestone, Kent. a bit chilly for swimming though...

One of the things we miss most about life here is being so far from family, so we are grateful to have had a weeks holiday in Devon with Marks family. We celebrated Nana's 60th and Joshua's 4th Birthdays that week.
It is a rare occasion when my family is all together, but with my mum and dad back from Chad we spent a glorious Easter weekend together and then were around for the arrival of our new nephew, Louis Benjamin Jones on 29th April!
God is sooo Good!

Newnham Family

Jones family


  1. who's baby is Louis? Glad you had such a lovely time and were here for the best weather of the year! It wasn't Spring it was Summer! Lots of complaints now it's gone colder! hehe

  2. Hey Teri - Louis is Simon and Lings baby. Summer all the time here... :-)