Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I am feeling very blessed this week.
Last weekend we celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary !! (3 years in UK, 3 years in USA and 6 in Uganda - never would have thought that twelve years ago).
I am excited to see what God has in store for the next twelve years.

I have been enjoying a wonderful summer holiday with Amy & Joshua. Until last week we have had beautiful sunshine and been at the pool most days.
Joshua has started swimming without arm bands so now I shall have the challenge of keeping up with my children in the pool soon!

Both children have learnt to ride their bikes without stabilizers and had a wonderful time riding rouns at the hangar yesterday.

Both Mark & I have made it through several weeks of work with our immediate colleagues away on holiday/furlough. There was the odd glitch at the Guest House with broken washing machines, no water and no electricity but I made it through. What a blessing it is to work along side others. I certainly miss Monika when she is not there to share the Guest House work with me.

Mark is busy this week performing maintenance on the Cessna 208 from Chad. It will hopefully leave for service in Chad again next week...
and we shall be heading off to western Uganda to have a family camping holiday.
I'm praying hard for sunshine (it's rained every day this week in Kampala) so we can really enjoy the rest and the children can have fun swimming etc.

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