Friday, 31 July 2015

AOC update and moving sooner than expected....

No not to Liberia, unfortunately our landlady just gave notice that she wants our (her!) house back!  So that means we have 3 months to vacate....not what we were expecting but we are trying to see the positives that we can clear out and sell off stuff in stages!  The good news is that we have already hopefully found somewhere which will work until March when we plan to head to Liberia.  It is smaller so we are already sorting to sell off furniture etc that we won't move to the new house or Liberia.

We have family arriving this weekend to visit us for a couple of weeks. After their visit we will get serious about researching shipping companies and selling off stuff.
Please pray that we can enjoy a weeks holiday next week and the rest of the time with family without all the arrangements going around and around in our heads!

There have also been wonderful answers to prayer. Last week we received the news that our AOC has been issued and we are now allowed to fly internationally again!!!  It has been a long and arduous process but we are so thankful to be able to serve our partners in S Sudan and EDRC again.
Thank you so much for praying along with us.

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