Thursday, 2 March 2017

A month in pictures

Well it's been quite a month (plus a few days but whose counting?)
I thought the simplest way to give the highlights were in pictures.

The children have been asking about a pet since we arrived. Since this is not our permanent home we had been a little reluctant to make the commitment.  Towards the end of January we Oreo, our new kitten.  Mummy is just thankful he is great at using the litter tray.

Then at the end of January I (Sarah), celebrated the big 40!! I was spoilt with cakes, meals out that lasted the whole week.  I felt so blessed.  I do believe that cards may still be on the way...nothing like the African postal services (snail mail still exists).

The month has been full with work activities.
Mark had a week of meetings and training in Kenya with all of  the MAF Africa region Senior engineers.
Sarah is keeping busy with Speech Therapy and MAF story writing. Check out my first published story on MAF UK website.

We have also fitted in school Joshua's class visited the Firestone Rubber Plantation.
We learnt all about tapping the trees, grafting new rubber trees and what can be made from the liquid latex.

Awards at school....Amy won the award for Positive attitude among all the grade 5 & 6 students.

We are incredibly proud of the enthusiastic, caring and determined young lady she is growing up to be.

We are also incredibly thankful for your prayers....MAF has now found funding to build two more MAF houses (one will be a permanent home for us).  We are still praying that contracts and final plans can be drawn up quickly and work can begin while the dry weather lasts.

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