Monday, 29 October 2012

Family of Five!

At 11:11am on 8th October our little miracle arrived. Abigail Faith was born by c-section weighing 9lb 9oz and 21in long. She is perfect in every way and I still want to pinch myself occasionally as I look at her and try to take in the enormity of the way God has chosen to bless our family. Mark & I are adjusting to the lack of sleep at night although Abigail is generally becoming more settled as the days go by. Amy & Joshua have adapted really well to the arrival of a baby sister and are eager to help in any way they can! I think she may be spoiled rotten. Since August, Amy & Joshua have done really well adjusting to British life and settling at school here but they are missing Uganda and are ready to go home now. It is half term break this week so we are planning some fun activities for them during the holidays such as pony riding and a trip to the cinema. The weather is getting colder and wetter in UK...that winter feeling in the air. So I think I shall be ready to see blue skies and sunshine again soon too! We are currently planning to remain in the UK until 25th of November, when we shall return to Uganda so Mark can get back into that hangar. We received Abigail's passport yesterday and then Sarah and Abigail have health checks at 6 weeks please pray that they will be fine. It is a little overwhelming trying to plan and think about packing for our return with a newborn in the house but no doubt we will get there.

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