Friday, 11 January 2013

I realise it's a while since I wrote a new post so before we are too far into 2013 I thought I'd get some pictures online from Christmas 2012. With a new baby and only recently having returned we decided to spend the holidays relaxing at home. It was lovely. Plenty of time to relax together at home or by the pool. We also enjoyed Christmas Day puddings and New Years Eve with our extended MAF family, playing games and then at midnight watching the fireworks in the town centre from the top of the hill we live on. We are now settled back into life in much as one can with the changing routines of a new baby. Abigail is now 3 months old and a healthy (7kg) happy baby. She thrilled both sets of grandparents with smiles as we Skyped on Christmas Day! Amy and Joshua are doing well at school and love to spend time with Abigail as soon as they get to fit the homework into the schedule too somewhere? Mark enjoyed the break from work, and kept himself busy with various projects in the garage over the holidays. Now it's back to maintaining aircraft and various other projects around the hangar. Abigail has already been out to visit Daddy at the hangar three times...hopefully a place she will come to enjoy visiting as much as her brother and sister do!

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  1. Oh Sarah! Abby looks just like you! what a blessing she is! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas. a belated Happy New Year to you all! xxx