Thursday, 27 June 2013

Growing Up

The Summer is here...well actually the rainy season is probably about to start but another school year over and the children are definitely growing up.

The last few weeks have been filled with many proud moments.
We had swimming gala in which both children swam really well. Amy has been asked to join the school swim team next year!

Then came sports day. One of the races Joshua competed in was the ‘big shoe’ race.
It was a comparatively easy task for him since at 6 years old he is already wearing size 3 shoes. I know the years are limited before he overtakes me height wise.

Last week I attended the Year 2 celebration assembly as Amy is now finished with Infant school (Key stage 1) and moving up to Juniors (Key stage 2). Amy and her peers received certificates, danced, sang songs and recited poems. It was an assembly that made all the parents proud.

While mummy has been busy attending school events, getting houses ready for two new staff families and plenty of hospitality, Abigail has been busy learning to crawl, clap and starting to wave.

With three children now at home I need to get creative and keep them all occupied during the holidays!

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