Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Home Assignment

I was reflecting today on the Home Assignment we have just returned from. In many ways, the whole experience seems such a blur but I have tried to sum it up in the Acronym below.

Holiday. This is what many people assume we are doing whilst back in the UK, although we are very busy meeting supporters and speaking at churches. However, we did just have a most wonderful week together in the Yorkshire Dales, soaking up the English Countryside at its best.

On the move. It is a life of constantly moving around and staying in new beds...only 5 or 6 this time so not too bad at all!

Motorways. It's nice to travel on smooth roads for a change with not a pot hole in sight. However, the day we spent 3 1/2 hours on the M25 was not too fun.

Eating too much of the yummy foods we miss while in Uganda....chocolate, sea food, cheese, sugar puffs

Adaptable. That's is what you have to be when you are sleeping in different beds, changing routines on a daily basis and trying to juggle a family life with the demands of meetings with supporters etc.

Shopping and far too many Suitcases filled with clothes, Birthday presents, food and motorbike spares for the next year or two.

Speaking engagements. In four weeks we spoke to nine different church meetings and held two open houses

Icthus Motor Mission. A wonderful organisation that hire cars out to missionaries at very reasonable rates. Their ministry enables us to have the freedom to get around in our own vehicle on Home Assignment.

Great times with family and friends, building precious memories to hold on to an keep us going.

New experiences. Usually we try and do something special with the children that is just not possible in Uganda. Last year it was horse riding lessons. This year it was a wonderful trip to Lego land.

Mixed emotions. Our time in the UK and when adjusting back to normal life in uganda is usually a roller coaster of emotions. Joy at being with loved ones and sadness at saying goodbye again.

Exhaustion. I know our time in UK does include some rest and relaxtion but more often than not I often feel exhuasted and more than ready for 'normal' routines again at the end of it.

New people. Every time we are back we have the privelege of meeting new folk that pray for us and the ministry of MAF

Thankful that we have the privelege of serving with MAF in Uganda and humbled that so many of you choose to join us on this journey by praying for our family as we seek to glorify God each day.

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