Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New diesel 182 update.

Since the new diesel engined Cessna 182 arrived we have been hard at work on it.  As well as the physical maintenance to be done there is a lot of paperwork and preparations to me made as well behind the scenes.  It has been assigned to me to manager the introduction of the aircraft into our fleet.  So far I have:
- attended training on the engine and propeller in Europe,
- put in applications for the Registration of the aircraft,
- researched and determined what parts we need to stock in order to keep the plane flying,
- ordered specials tools we need to maintain the engine and propeller,
- ordered the Maintenance Manuals and Parts Catalogues we need to maintain the aircraft,
- written and sent reports to update the donor of the aircraft of the progress of the work,
- liaised with the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) to find out how to get the type ratings we need to certify work on the aircraft.  Due to this engine being the first of its type to be registered in Uganda it is new to everyone!

Aside from all this desk work, work is happening on the aircraft to:

The aircraft as it looked this week:

Training and Licencing.
Following a couple of days of online theory training Myself, Ronnie (our Ugandan engineer) and one of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) Airworthiness Inspectors attended 3 days practical training at the SMA engine manufactures facility in France.  This training covered;
- replacement of cylinders,
- replacing components of the fuel management system and the setup that follows and;
- downloading engine data from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and uploading new software.

Myself and Ronnie then went onto Germany to visit the Propeller manufacturer to receive training on carrying out a Service Bulletin required by the manufacture to re-torque the prop blade preload nut.
Having done this training we will now be applying for the Type Ratings required by the UCAA to certify work carried out on the airframe and engine.

Maintenance and Modifications.
On Friday (4th) we received the shipment of parts for the remaining modification that we are to install.  These are; a heavy duty nose gear fork and large tyres, a brace to add rigidity and reduce vibration in the cockpit area; hand holds and steps for the pilots to get to the wing fuel tanks for checking fuel levels.

Old (right) and new nose gear fork

Old (left) nose wheel tire and new size tire

The installation of the rear seats is progress:

Fitting up for installation of rear folding seat.

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