Friday, 20 June 2014

Proud Mummy Moments

It is the last week of the school year for Amy & Joshua.
Both have worked hard and done very well at school this year. Amy is always enthusiastic about school and Joshua has even admitted to enjoying school this year!

This week has been a time for celebration and some proud moments as a parent.

Joshua has just completed Yr 2 (Infant School) so the whole year group performed in a special celebration assembly to mark this milestone.  They performed dances from celebrations/festivals around the world and each received a certificate.  Joshua is pictured with his best friend Jona.

Amy is completing Yr 3. She was thrilled last week to finally receive her pen licence.
She is been working hard to improve her handwriting for several months.
This week she also received an award for creative writing at the special assembly to mark students achievements this year.

While not at school, Abigail is always working hard to keep up with her big brother and sister. Physically, she will attempt almost anything!  She has just started talking with more and more words that we can recognise….communication has been frustrating on both sides for a few weeks.

She is a lover of animals…any animals… fascinated by ants & cockroaches and affectionate with cats and dogs. Here she is having a special hug with Spinner, our pet dog.

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  1. Abigail looks like she's suffocating him! He must be a placid dog. But I love seeing children and pets interacting. I have my 3 year old Goddaughter Sarah come over each week and I'm always amazed that she can put her hand in Dulcie' s mouth! We do have to be vigilant for when Dulcie needs some space though. I'd love to see Josh in that hat! I'm betting he looked very dapper! And not to leave Amy out. She's a pretty girl and deserves a big well done for working so hard. I remember finding handwriting difficult at her age too! Love and prayers to you all xxx