Monday, 10 November 2014

Exam Update

Mark & Ronny were unable to take their exams a couple of weeks ago as some of the necessary paperwork was not in order. They have resubmitted applications and now have a new exam date for this Friday, 14th Nov.
Please pray for them as the studying has dragged on, that they  will be able to sit the exams this week.

In the mean time, both Mark & Ronny have had plenty to do...

Ronny and his wife welcomed their third child, a baby boy into their family so Ronny
has been taking some well earned paternity leave.

Mark has been busy continuing with maintenance preparations in order to get the 182 ready for service in S Sudan.  Last week he was busy re installing the propeller ( the original one had been lent to MAF Madagascar who needed it for their aircraft).
Mark is hoping all the work can be completed before we return to UK on Home Assignment at the end of the month.  I know he works hard but it always looks like he's having too much fun to me !

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