Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Greetings

I don't know what Easter means for you.
Do you think of chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, meals with family and a long weekend?

While these are all lovely (although sadly the chocolate eggs are very difficult to find here in Kampala) they are not the reason why we are celebrating.

Here in Kampala our Easter celebrations have altered a little due to an increased risk of a terrorist attack by Al Shabab (the Somali militant group). It has been mentioned in BBC news.
Foreigners have been asked to consider carefully whether they need to go to places with large crowds where larger numbers of internationals may be.
Life carries on, although with a heightened sense of alertness and continual praying for discernment about what activities are necessary and what should be avoided..especially when it comes to keeping three children occupied during the Easter holidays!

Partly, due to this we decided to celebrate Palm Sunday at home as a family.   We had a great time making palm branches and our own donkey masks, singing songs and acting out the story of Jesus entry into Jerusalem as king.

I have been reflecting this week on the situation here in Kampala and on the wider worlds need for a saviour.
The words of an old song have been coming to mind;
"It was for freedom that Christ has set us free,
no longer to be subject to a yolk of slavery,
so we're rejoicing In Christs victory
our hearts responding to his love"
I am so thankful that this weekend I can celebrate Christs Victory on the cross, overcoming death, paying for my sins  and giving me life forever with Him.

As a family we pray you will know the richness of a full life in Jesus Christ this Easter time.
Happy Easter


  1. praying Gods safety and guidance on you all at this time. It sounds pretty scary but I know God is with you!

    May you all have a very Blessed Easter! I will be thinking of you all when we have our Easter service tomorrow.

    lots of Love

    Teri xxx

  2. Echoing the prayers for safety and guidance and that the threat will not affect your ministry. I hope you don't mind, I mentioned you in my latest blog post - (catchy title isn't it?) suggesting people pray for you too.
    Hope you have a great Easter,

    Mark Newnham (yep more than one of us in the world!)